Extrusion Barrels

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Extrusion (Extruder) Barrels Presented by, FLITE TECHNOLOGY INC Premier Wexco Extrusion & Injection Barrel Distributor for over 23 years.

Flite Technology, Inc. offers Wexco extrusion & injection barrels at the most competetive prices, and with over 28 years in the plastic processing industry, we can help you select the best Wexco Barrel for your specific needs.

Wexco extrusion & injection barrels - A brand known throughout the plastic, rubber and food processing industry for high  performance and durability.
Wexco offers several options including single injection barrels and single or twin extrusion barrels.

Wexco Barrels are the finest High performance Barrels made for extrusion, Injection, compounding and blow molding processes.

Wexco offers both Bi-metallic and Tool Steel Barrels

Featuring the following Wexco injection & extrusion barrel products:

Wexco 555 barrels.

Wexco 666 barrels

Wexco 777 barrels

Wexco Durocas barrels

Wexco Bo-22 barrels

Wexco D-2 barrels

Wexco CPM-10-V barrels

Wexco CPM-15-V barrels

Wexco CPM-420-V barrels

Wexco stainless barrels

Wexco Nitralloy barrels